Kristens Cookie Company

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Question 1
Rush order takes the least possible time for preparing the dozen of cookies. The following is a detailed summary of time used to prepare the rush order:

Wash the bowl, add and mix ingredients6 minutes
Dish up the tray (1 dozen)2 minutes
Put the cookies in the oven, start timer1 minute
Bake the cookies9 minutes
Remove the tray from the oven*0 minute
Let the cookies cool5 minutes
Pack the cookies2 minutes
Accept payment1 minute
Total time:26 minutes

*- further the removing step will be ignored because it does not take any additional time It will take 26 minutes to fill the rush order.

Question 2
Wash the bowl, add and mix ingredients4 hours*60 minutes/6 minutes=40 dozens Dish up the tray (1 dozen)4*60/2=120 dozens
Put the cookies in the oven, start timer4*60/1=240 dozens
Bake the cookies4*60/9=26.6 dozens~26 dozens
Let the cookies cool4*60/5= 48 dozens
Pack the cookies4*60/2= 120 dozens
Accept payment4*60/1= 240 dozens
The maximum output if determined by the output of a slowest activity. Baking the cookies is the slowest activity performed by Kristen and her roommate. Therefore, the maximum orders they can fill in a night is 26 dozens, based on production capabilities.

This graph shows that for preparing 1 dozen of cookies Kristen needs 26 minutes. However, in order to prepare 2 dozens of cookies she does not need 52 minutes because no matter how many dozens she need to cook (1, 2 or 3) she will spend 6 minutes or mixing the ingredients.

The following diagram depicts the process:

To sell 3 dozens of cookies girls will need 46 minutes.
The sequence of finishing time for every dozen is 26, 36, 46, 56, 66, 76, 86…..236.
The maximum number of orders they can fill a night is 22 orders.

Question 3

For one dozen of cookies
ActivityKristen per dozenRoommate per dozen
Wash the bowl, add and mix ingredients6 minutesX
Dish up the tray (1 dozen)2 minutesX...
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