Kristen Cookies Case

Topics: Oven, Kneading, Baking Pages: 4 (970 words) Published: October 6, 2010
[pic][pic][pic][pic]Kristen’s Cookies Company

1. How long will it take to fill a rush order?

Our group has calculated (see Appendix Figure 1) that it will take 24 minutes to fill a rush order if it is the first order placed in the night. This assumes that the oven is already preheated and the mixer bowl and beaters are clean (as sanitary requirements would demand). However, all subsequent orders will require 26 minutes because of the two minutes to wash the bowl and beaters.

2. How many orders can be filled in a night assuming you are open 4 hours?

16 min + 10x = 240 min

10x = 224

x = 22 orders

If a all customers order 3 dozen (the maximum the bowl can handle) and they are all the same cookie, such as a sugar cookie, then on a time chart it takes 44 minutes from the time Kristen's open until the first order of three dozens cookies is filled. However, the second batch of three dozens can start at the 29th minute with washing the mixer until all tasks are completed so that by the 37th minute when the last dozen of the first order is finished the first dozen of the second order can be put into the oven for baking. From then on every 10 minutes an a batch will be baked. So that by the end of the night 22 orders can be baked, leaving time for cleanup. Notice after the first order where mixing bowls aren't required to be washed there is a pattern that develops for all subsequent orders. It is interesting to note that regardless if the orders are for 3 dozens of the same cookie or for a different type each order, the maximum that can be produced is 22 dozen.

3. How much of your time and your roommate time will be required?

It will take Kristen a total of 8 minutes per batch. It will take your roommate a total of 4 minutes per batch. Although, the case states the time to put to cookies in the oven is negligible, it is worth noting that total time for the room make may average a bit more than 4 minutes do this additional task. There...
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