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Mia Hughes
Kristen’s Cookie Company – INDIVIDUAL WORK
MGT 6400 – Management of Business Processes and Operations
Dr. Grady S. York

1.Assuming you have only one order, how long will it take you to fill the order?
Based on the flowchart from the group analysis, it will take 26 minutes to fill one order. I came to this conclusion based on the number of minutes it takes to clean equipment and mix the dough (6), scoop dough into tray (2), pre-heat oven and set timer (1), baking time (9), cooling time (5), packing time (2) and the one minute it takes to give the order and receive payment. Obviously, this process can be improved upon, but given the initial information, and the constraints of cleaning and baking time; this is how long it would take to fill one order.

2. How many orders can be filled in a night assuming you are open 4 hours?
Capacity cannot exceed that of the bottleneck, but in one four hour period the roommates could make 22 batches. Assuming a two-dozen cookie order, we have to consider that for the first dozen, the roommate will set the timer and preheat after Kristen has spooned the cookies on the tray. However, when baking the second order the roommate simultaneously cools and then packs the cookies from the first order. Kristen can start mixing the second batch without waiting for the first-batch process to be completed (she starts washing out the bowl as soon as she finishes filling the tray). And preheating doesn’t have to occur after the first batch, just timer setting.

Therefore, to fill a complete order for two dozens of cookies will be 36 min (see attached Process Flow Chart). So for each first dozen of cookies we need 26 min, while for each additional dozen we will need only 10 min (see attached Process Flow Chart). The oven starts running 8 minutes into operations, and continues to turn a new batch every 10 minutes. 8 minutes have to be subtracted at the end, because the last batch needs that long to be

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