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The inception of Krispy Kreme was back in 1933 , when Ishmael Armstrong , a farmer and store-owner in Paducah, Kentucky bought a doughnut shop from a French chef. With the purchase of the shop Armstrong received the rights to a secret yeast-raised doughnut recipe. Later on during that year Armstrong’s nephew Vernon Rudolph completed high school and from being a deliver boy for the doughnut shop to a partner. At this point though the doughnuts were still only being sold to area businesses. In the summer of 1937 Rudolph armed with the secret recipe and $25 dollars to rent the shop convinced a local grocery store to lend him the ingredients and he began making doughnuts. Eventually the popularity for the doughnuts grew. People began to walk the shop and asked if they could have a hot delicious doughnut so Rudolph cut a hole into the wall. Since this time Krispy Kreme has grown substantially, and in order to continue growth and more importantly success the company should evaluate its strength and weaknesses and set realistic goals.


Krispy Kreme will expand international with new stores projected for Canada and other countries shortly after. Krispy Kreme’s coffee program has improved. The newly enhance doughnut making technology will be an asset in bringing the hot doughnut experience they we are famous for too many more people.


Krispy Kreme is a weak company internally with an IFEM score of 2.06

FINANCE: A major strength of Krispy Kreme is that it has the financial strength to move forward with its strategic opportunities. However Krispy Kreme’s operating expense proves to be very high. Management needs to evaluate the excess in overhead.

MANAGEMENT: “LEAD BY EXAMPLE “ In many areas Krispy Kreme management leads with excellences. Krispy Kreme’s management and staff at their stores provides...
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