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Topics: Morality, Ethics, Deontological ethics Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: May 19, 2015
Deontological theory claims that there are consequences in our actions that determine whether or not they are the right choice for the circumstance, and or person involved. The consequences can be defined by the actions of the extent to moral duties. For example, driving while intoxicated relates the ethical theory or commandment that“above all do no harm. These are duties which are born from religion, metaphysics, psychology, culture, biology, and language. Depending on the deontological theory, these are duties which will have no exceptions. Either it can overcome by a more important duty, or conditional. It does not matter if the intoxicated driver made it home safely. Driving drunk was still wrong because a person knows they have to drive. The positives are that right and wrong actions are considered by a persons duties such as religion. However, the use of judgment is essential to the duties, and having the knowledge to apply those duties is key. Unlike utilitarianism, the final action will not justify the method. Deontological theories grant a stable ground for unchangeable rights and distinctive value. If the duties have no change then there will be a greater sense of stability in the acceptance of others. The rights and wrong doings do not adjust to the consequences, however there can be different circumstances. Good value wights out the bad even if the outcome was not expected. The negatives is that there is no agreement on any ordinary moral and that ignoring consequences will cause pain and suffering. The burden of any specific moral belief judged onto others created significant issues in our history. Some deontological theories do not have the respect to the diversity of other beliefs. Some deontological theories have respect for the beliefs of others.
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