Kragg's Tale

Topics: Sleep, Sword, The Entrance, New South Wales Pages: 1 (463 words) Published: June 19, 2013
A Hero’s Tale
As Kragg crawled through the thick grass he discovers a small tunnel. He thinks about continuing on but he then see the 4 guards. Know he could never take them all on by himself; he takes the risk of the tunnel not knowing if he will ever see the light of day again. Not long after he emerges into a courtyard and heard screaming. Kragg knew that voice as soon as he heard it, it was Dana his love. He bolted after the noise striking down anyone in his path. He rounded the last corner and there she was. Being tortured by a man in a dark robe, he could only be Orhag. “Where is he!” yelled Orhag. ”where is who?” Dana asked calmly “Your love Kragg” Orhag replied “Hello Orhag, I am taking my love back!” but before Orhag could turn around Kragg wacked him with the hilt of his sword, knocking him out. He then untied Dana, “Quick we have to go!” he told her. As they ran Dana picked up a dagger from one of the guards Kragg struck down just minutes before. They didn’t encounter any guards until the entrance. At the Entrance Kragg and Dana took the guards by surprise, striking all 4 guards without breaking a stride. As soon as they were out of the castle Kragg knew they were safe and that Dana was going to be okay. By the time they reached the swamp they had slowed to a walk. Kragg had been asking the whole way if Dana was okay but she just kept running. Kragg grabbed her wrist and made her stop. This was the first time he got a look at her back. There was a deep slash near the small of her back. “How could you not of told me about this?” Kragg asked. Dana just shrugged and said “I wanted to get you out of danger first.” That was the last thing she said before she pasted out. Kragg used his shirt as a bandage to slow the bleeding and started carrying Dana though the murky swamp. After many hours of walking they came to a hut, outside the hut was an elderly man. As Kragg approached the hut with the unconscious Dana in his arms, the man said “My name Marcus and...
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