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BA (Hons) Top-ups
Programme Specification
Global Business (LONU004)


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1 Available Award(s) and Modes of Study
Title of Award



Bachelor of Arts with Honours in:

One academic year full-time;
two years part-time.


Global Business (LONU004)

FHEQ Level

H Level
I Level

Fallback: unclassified or Honours
degree in Global Business Studies

2 Awarding Institution/Body

Coventry University

3 Teaching Institution

Coventry University - London Campus

4 Internal Approval/Review

Date of latest review:
Date for next review:

5 Programme Accredited by


6 Accreditation Date and

August 2010

7 QAA Subject Benchmark
Statement(s) and other
external factors

The programme has been designed to meet the General Business and Management 2007 benchmarking statements.

8 Date of Programme

Subject Benchmark statements can be found at:
http://www.qaa.ac.uk/academicinfrastructure/benchmark/benchmarking .htm
October 2010 (original)
October 12 (update)
October 2013 (update/current)

9 Programme Manager Tutor

Programme Manager: Svetla Stoyanova-Bozhkova
Programme coordinator Global business: Wale Adeyemi

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10 Educational Aims of the Programme
Coventry University London Campus (CULC) offers a suite of BA (Hons) undergraduate business TopUp one-year programmes. The programmes are designed with a specific focus on business in an international context and will provide students with the opportunity to draw together previous studies and experience in order to develop their knowledge, understanding, critical-thinking and problem-solving in areas required by modern international business organisations. In addition it will also enable them to improve their communication, English language, interpersonal and life-long learning skills. This programme allows entry to a degree programme at stage three (FHEQ Level 6) for students from outside the UK who have a sound general business background of study and knowledge. It will allow students to undertake more in-depth study of particular areas of business interest dependant on previous study and knowledge, and help to prepare them for a career in international business and management. In addition, students will have access to appropriate resources to enable them to enhance their ICT abilities.

The curricular ‘DNA’ of the CULC London programmes informs, shapes and drives the design and development of the curriculum. ‘DNA’ is conventionally said to be the building blocks of life and the curricular ‘DNA’ of the BA (Hons) Top Ups is no different: all activity at CULC stems from the curricular ‘DNA strands’, each of which have an essential role and combine to make the CULC experience unique. At CULC the essential curricular strands are:

21st-century-learning driven

Teaching, learning and assessment at CULC is infused with all strands of the curricular ‘DNA’ and students will benefit from this cohesive and coherent approach to the design of the London programmes and modules. It is the mission of CULC to partner with employers to deliver 21st century learning through a real business experience in the heart of London. In terms of its teaching, learning and assessment this means;


Each of the programmes and modules that have been designed have been approved as career relevant by a range of key stakeholders,
A number of critical modules will be specifically ‘employer endorsed’ which results in curriculum which is derived from current business practice
Programmes are delivered by respected academics and practitioners who are passionate about teaching
Learning success is enhanced by the clear communication of programme and module outcomes and these underpin all teaching and assessment activity which takes place Academic and business technology is...
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