Kot Task 1

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Task 1

Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership

October 5th, 2012

Leadership Strategies
Two strategies that enable a nurse on an interdisciplinary team to exert leadership without occupying a formal leadership position are to be a role model and to be an advocate/problem solver. The nurse can be a role model for the interdisciplinary team by showing respect for other team members, having effective communication skills and to accept others input in a fair and unbiased fashion. Often there can be tension among team members and a nurse can lead the team away from negative comments by redirecting the conversation to stay on task at hand. The nurse can explain that every person of the interdisciplinary team plays a role and that no one is more important than the other. The nurse can remain positive when people complain and show leadership by not “joining in” on the negativity and this will show leadership by keeping a positive attitude and one may be able to redirect team members. The nurse maybe able to “help develop team principles of respect, cooperation, commitment, and a willingness to accomplish shared goals.” (Cherry, 2011) The nurse can also show leadership by being an advocate for staff, by helping them learn new techniques and finding answers to the questions that arise. Nurses can also take information from the interdisciplinary team to the staff therefore keeping them informed. Active Involvement and Contributing Position

It is important for a nurse to be actively involved with an interdisciplinary team because the nurse is the one who is directly involved in providing patient care, the nurses know what the patient needs and what the nurses need to provide excellent care. The nurse will be able to communicate to the team what the nurses feel they need for quality care to be provided to patients. Communication can assist to keep the interdisciplinary team on the same page for a common goal which is providing the...

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