Korean Food

Topics: Kimchi, Korean cuisine, South Korea Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: April 5, 2013
In the great big world we live in there are several different countries that have their own cultures and civilizations. Within a country’s culture they have certain traditions and behaviors. All around the world traditions usually include something to do with food. In this research paper I will discuss information about Korea and some of its culinary customs. Korea is located in between China and Japan, and is split into two major areas; North Korea and South Korea. More than half the land is mountains and hills. In the northern part is where more of wild greens and vegetables are grown. In the southern part is where the majority of the rice is grown. The country has three sources of waters: the Yellow Sea, the East Sea, and the Korea Straight. Korea’s weather includes cold winters, warm summers and drawn out falls. Though the area is split the food selection is pretty much the same in both areas.

For Americans there are rules that should be followed at a dining table called etiquette. Koreans have their own set of rules that are a little stricter than those of America. Some of the mannerisms are pretty much like common sense but some of the customs are not considered here in America. If you are having a meal with an elderly person you cannot hold your spoon before they hold their spoon. It is rude to pick through food and take out parts that you do not like or remove seasonings. Whatever utensil you used to eat with it must be put back in the same position that it was in before you started eating. They have specific numbers of table settings such as; 3 dish tables, 5 dish tables, 9 dish tables and 12 dish tables. These numbers represent the amount of dishes being served. They also have a specific table setting for foreigners.

Unlike current trends of different courses of meals, Korea has a no course method. Everything is put on the table at once and you can eat the food in whatever order you would like.

Here in America we like to finish our dinner meal...
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