Korean and Vietnam War

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Korean War

The Korean War started in 1950 when North Korea attacked South Korea. The United Nations met to discuss this problem, and they decided to support South Korea against the attacking North. This happened just after World War II, and the United States was considered a super power. The president at the time, Truman, felt like once North Korea gained enough power, they would come and attack USA. To avoid a war on their soil, USA backed up South Korea.

North Korea was a communist country, making it a big threat. One reason was because they had more man power. This gave them a huge advantage over South Korea. Also, there was no surveillance on them, so they had the element of surprise, being able to attack with out anyone knowing. With the United States on South Koreas side, they at least had a fighting chance.

The fighting power from both sides was even, each side winning some battles. But once South Korea would start winning some battle, China would come as North Koreas ally and pursue deeper into South Korea. China feared that the fighting would end up in their country, so they helped North Korea in the fighting.

The fighting didn't just happen in North and South Korea. US Forces sent out a naval fleet to defend Taiwan from evasions. They also sent out troops to French in Indochina to strengthen their support,solidified NATO, moved toward the rearment of Germany, signed a separate peace treaty with Japan, tripled its military spending, and began to station troops overseas indefinitely.

Fighting soon began in the air as the Soviet Union Air Force and US Air Force began to fight in the sky. The war between them was undeclared though. This was the only the only sustained military engagement of the two superpowers

When the UN and its Allies finally invaded North Korea in October, 1950, The Republic of China sent over forces to help ensure that North Korea would not lose. The Chinese sent over a massive number of troops who came over...
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