Korea Under Japaneses Rule

Topics: World War II, South Korea, Korea Pages: 4 (766 words) Published: September 27, 2013
“The Japanese Rule of Korea”

In the year of 1910, Japan used a clever way to annex Korea

through King Go Jong's son marrying a Japanese woman and was given

a Japanese identity. Since the surrender of Japan after World War II,

conflict had been dragged through because of Korea wondering if they

really benefited the colonization of their own country; or if they should

just forget about it and go on with their lives. They thought if they did

benefit, they should be doing really well after Japan's surrender. Other

people said that the rule was harsh and demanding, while others even

said it was better for Korea. People need to know if it was or not.

When Korea was forced to be annexed by Japan, both good and

bad things came through. First of all, the trading system and economy

has been complained about; yet both Japanese (Northern) and Korean

farmers suffered almost equally. The Koreans worked very hard, but

they did not get much of their work back to them. Then, they were

working for almost no reason to help their own families. Today, in

America, there is something similar happening to this. People that are in

the highest class have to pay more taxes than those of the lower classes.
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(Also, this is a practice of Socialism. Many Japanese people in the

government are Socialist.) so if someone worked hard to get good

money, they would get punished for it. Same thing for the Koreans. The

more they worked, the more they give and less for their own families.

The Japanese farmers in the lower region did not have to work as hard,

but in the Northern regions, most farmers suffered the exact same kind

trade as the Koreans contrary to the farmers in the lower regions of

Japan. In 1910-1912, Korea had now produced 84.6% of all agricultural

production brought to Japan as said in the article “Korea Under

Japanese Rule” page 1. “The economic...
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