Kool-Aid Marketing Case Study

Topics: Kool-Aid, Kraft Foods, General Foods Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Shortly after 1918, Kool-Aid, formerly known as fruit smack and Kool-Ade, was invented by Edwin Perkins. Perkins also invented Jello-O and Nix-O-Tine, which helped kick the habit of tobacco to the curb. Kool-Aid became a popular product shortly after Jell-O was invented. Jello-O was first created as a liquid that came in a four-ounce bottle. This was great, at first, but there were issues with the glass bottle breaking when it was shipped. Perkins decided to make the Kool-Aid powder form by removing the liquid, and packaging it into envelopes instead of glass bottles. This also cut down on the pricing of the Kool-Aid, since the price of the glass bottle was no longer incorporated. The product was sold for $.10 a packet which was sold to a few stores. The flavors that were available were strawberry, cherry, lemon-lime, grape, orange and raspberry. Then, in 1929, the product was sold nation-wide. During the great depression, Perkins cut the price in half, to $.05 a packet to still be affordable to families. After the war, since the demand for the Kool-Aid was so great, Perkins decided to expand the company to 300 production workers by 1950. This means, nearly 1 million packets of Kool-Aid were produced each day! Three years later, Perkins announced to his staff that he would be selling Kool-Aid to General Foods. Within that year, the Smiling Face Pitcher was invented and was advertised on the packet. General Mills was then bought out by Kraft Foods and Kraft Foods became the owners of Kool-Aid. The Kool-Aid pitcher was reformed to the, now days, Kool-Aid Man. Kool-Aid has remained a very well known, popular product, especially to children. This information is brought from hastingmuseums.org.

Kool-Aids target market was, obviously, children. The “Oh Yeah” campaign delivery, which was to bring back Kool-Aid, was targeted toward young kids as well, states prezi.com.

The products satisfactions and benefits have always been good. With this being...

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