Kongfu Panda

Topics: Culture, China, Globalization Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Name: Wang Jin

Perhaps you and your beloved ones have enjoyed “Kung Fu Panda” together and been amazed at the well used Chinese elements in a Hollywood movie. The splendid kung fu fighting and the cute characters made it even popular among Chinese. But what I want so say is that this kind of cultural consumption is actually the cultural expansion and colonization from America. They take use of our cultural elements as a mask to advocate their beliefs and values. We are just like cows miked by them and we pay a lot to get our milk back. This is cultural invasion! Globalization of the cultures is indeed the trend of today. But we need to stick to our own characters. Integration comes too fast to allow us think carefully before we make a decision. “Kung Fu Panda” is like a hamburger with a Chinese package. It gets Chinese all over it but inside it is American and has little to do with the package. The Chinese elements such as panda and kung fu are borrowed to attract local audience and realize their ambitions of cultural expansion through selling the finished products back to the original countries. As a cultural product, “Kung Fu Panda” reveals America's conspiracy of global cultural expansion through incorporating American beliefs and values into the foreign background based traditional movies. We have got much longer history than America which means we have more cultural resources than them. Recently I read the news that “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” was banned to broadcast in France. Although it is a fake one, our own cultural products have already had some influence in the world. To resist the invasion in cultures, we have to know ourselves better and know the others better. We hope to keep the balance in the cultural integration and take the essence and discard the dregs from the other cultures. As a cow, it would be very happy to use its milk to nurture the others. We are dreaming of someday that “MADE IN CHINA” will not only appear...
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