Kong Kids

Topics: Parent, Emotional intelligence, Psychology Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: December 13, 2014
 Recently, there is a hot video on the famous video-sharing website, Youtube. It is about a kid who was spoiled, was marking a tantrum in front of his parents in front of a restaurant. I was there and saw the incident happened.

The child and his parents were standing in front of the door of a restaurant. The child yelled and shouted loudly, he was asking for his parents to tie his shoelaces. His parents refused unless he kept quiet and went in the restaurant to have lunch. Surprisingly, the child did not do what his parents said nut threw the teddy bear in his hand to his parents and scolded them why not help him.

After I saw this, I was really shocked. The kid was a totally “Kong Kid”, who is popular for unable to look after themselves, have low emotional intelligence and are vulnerable to adversity. In the incident, the child is ill-tempered and takes everything for granted. It is not logical that a kid to be rude and impolite to his parents, he definitely violated the filial promoted by Confucian. I do not think it is acceptable.

Thanks to the spoiling parental education. Children in Hong Kong are going to become “Kong Kids”. They are ill-tempered, lack self-management and are emotional all the time. Parents need to adopt a better parenting to prevent their children from becoming a “Kong Kid”.

First of all, parents should stop helping their kids everything and let them take care of themselves by their own. Since the children nowadays rely too much on their parents, which causes them lack self-management. Just like the incident, the child think his parents helping him to tie his shoelaces is a must and also take everything for granted. They do not know how to take care of themselves either. Therefore, parents need to be less worried about their kids and let them to look after themselves. Otherwise, children cannot learn any living skills through failure.

In addition, parents can send...
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