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Land Committee Report

Submitted to the Government of Andhra Pradesh


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Preface Preface
The Land Committee has been constituted by the Government of Andhra Pradesh under the chairmanship of Sri Koneru Ranga Rao, Hon’ble Minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development vide G.O.Ms.No.977, dated 1.12.2004 and G.O.Ms.No.1091, dated 23.12.2004, Revenue (ASN.I) Department to assess the over all implementation of land distribution programmes of the Govt., suggest measures for their more effective implementation, suggest required changes and amendments to the Acts/Rules for improved enforcement of land related legislations, suggest measures for removal of obstacles in their implementation along with action plan with time lines and finally to monitor the implementation of the Committee’s recommendations. Public Hearings and Field Visits The Land Committee has set about the task given to it in all earnestness. In the first meeting of the Land Committee held on 22nd December, 2004 it was decided to hold public hearings with recognized political parties, civil society organizations and peoples’ unions working on land issues of the poor to understand the various issues on land reforms. The Committee held public hearings in Hyderabad, Warangal, Viziawada and Tirupathi. The visits to the districts and public meetings were followed by field visits to districts and villages to get a firsthand knowledge of the land issues affecting the poor. In an overwhelming response, political parties and civil society organizations attended all the public hearings and cutting across party lines, have demanded that land issues affecting the poor required immediate attention by the Government. Commissioning of Studies In order to understand the land issues in greater detail and also the relevance and use of the existing Revenue Acts, the committee has commissioned studies on various aspects of land issues by specialists and experts. Studies have been conducted on Board Standing Orders and Revenue Acts, Tribal land issues, issues of Tenancy, the phenomenon of absentee landlordism and that of plain paper transactions (Sada bainama transactions), functioning of the legal system and state of the endowment lands (Terms of References of the studies and consultants/consulting organizations conducting the study enclosed). Recommendations immediately operationable in nature While commissioning the studies the Land Committee was very clear that recommendations evolving from the studies would not be theoretical in nature and focus shall be on operational issues. The Committee has tried its best to cover the important and pressing land issues. The recommendations of the committee while not exhaustive nevertheless cover substantial ground.

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Land still the single most emotive issue in rural areas It has been the Committee’s experience that the issue of land continues to be the single most emotive issue in the rural areas. There is no other issue, which people connect with as issues of land do. 60-70% of the petitions that come to the District Collectors in the districts pertain to land issues. A majority of criminal cases in the districts are connected to land issues. Agriculture remains the prime source of livelihood for 70% of the India’s population which lives in the rural areas, of which more than 3/4ths derive their livelihood from land, wholly or partially. Land, not only an economic and social but also a psychological capital, is still the pivotal asset in terms of both income and employment, around...
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