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Places to Visit
St Paul’s cathedral, close to BBD, beyond Park Street, Kolkata, was built in 1847, in Gothic Revival style with stained glass windows and two frescoes in Florentine Renaissance style, partly rebuilt after the 1934 Calcutta Earthquake. The building itself stands on the "island of attractions" in Kolkata - beside the Victoria Memorial, Nandan, Rabindra Sadan theatre complex, and the Birla Planetarium. Victoria memorial, BBD, Kolkata, was built in 1921, memorial building dedicated to Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India, which is located in Kolkata, India – the capital of West Bengal and a former capital of British India. It currently serves as a museum and a tourist attraction Minerva Theatre, 6, Utpal Dutta Sarani Kolkata – 700006, was built at the place where stood the Great National Theatre in the yester years. The maiden play held on this stage was 'Macbeth'. This theatre was inaugurated on 28th January, 1893. Sri Girish Chandra Ghosh gave the last spectacular performance of his life in this theatre. "Minerva" was incinerated in 1922. However, it was thoroughly renovated and in 1925, it regained its old status and play acting was resumed. Town Hall, 4, Esplanade Row (West), Kolkata – 700001, A lottery was arranged and from the huge collection, the 'Town Hall' was built in 1814. However, it was not built for staging of plays but for the proper maintenance of sculptures. Mrs. Litch performed a play 'The Card Party' in 1836 for the first time here. The play became extremely popular. Later on, legendary actors viz., Girish Ghosh, Dharmadas Sur and artistes of their ilk, performed there for some time. The Town Hall exists even to this day with all its pristine glory. Princep ghat, Ghats of Hoogly, between Water Gate and St. George’s gate, The Palladian porch in the memory of eminent orientalist James Prinsep, famous for deciphering the inscriptions of Ashoka, was designed by W. Fitzgerald and constructed in 1843 Indian Museum,...
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