Koi Cafe

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Report on Koi Cafe in Singapore
(Assignment1 of Introduction to marketing)

For Lecturer LEE KENG MUN


DouZi 110097E

Date of Submission: 29 November 2012
1.0 The description of Brand/Company
-Brand: The brand I choose is KOI cafe.  KOI Cafe is an overseas franchise from the land of bubble tea, Taiwan. The popular drink was invented in Taiwan. Via word of mouth and the power of internet broadcasting, KOI cafe has gained a rather strong following of loyal customers. However, most important thing is the branding. -Company:

Information: KOI cafe was first established set up in 2008 in the thriving estate of Toa Payoh. And their raw materials imported from Taiwan regardless of the expensive cost. Thereby the Authentic bubble tea will be presented to Singapore. Concept: Their product including tea, milk tea, coffee, which all focus on the humanities characteristics and quality. Their retail sales management emphasis on interaction among employees, respect for the staff and caring about customers. 2.0 Use of Product and it’s assortment

-Use of Product: In the past, most Singaporeans were still new to the bubble tea concept and were more than willing to fork out some money to test out the novelty. Needless to say, the bubble tea craze came crashing down after a good couple of years when the idea of paying for shoddily made and artificial flavored drinks was deemed too much. Fortunately, KOI Cafe brought back the experience of drinking teas that were made lovingly with better ingredients. -It's assortment: Best known for reviving the bubble-tea "craze", Koi Cafe serves authentic Taiwanese famous Milk Tea with Pearls. i. Category of product: a. Flavoured Tea. b. Milk Tea. c. Coffee d. Chewy Tea: you can choose bubble, glass jelly, Ai-YU jelly, Aloe Vera with your drink. ii. Size: all the product just have two sizes: medium or large iii. Sugar: In this cafe, you can choose the sugar level for your drink depends on your own love. For example:...
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