Kohlberg’s Moral Development Assignment

Topics: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical drug, Medicine Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: October 21, 2009
Kohlberg's "social contract and individual rights" gives a great explanation as to why people avoid their own country’s health care system and take advantage of their neighboring countries. Kohlberg says that all rational people will follow two common points, stating that they want certain basic rights, such as liberty and life. So, with that being said, people seeking medical help in other countries are doing just that. Those citizens are using the freedom they are granted by the government to go and take advantage of cheaper medications across borders so they can continue on with their lives. However, there is some justice in the pharmaceutical industry. They are supplying the people of this country with the medicine they need—and much like everyone else, they, too, are just trying to pursue their basic rights. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry could be viewed as taking advantage of the people they provide medicine to because they are the only source of the medicine—which is an entirely better argument. People in search of democratic change often first break the law before the government recognizes that change is needed; people venturing to other countries is an example of that. Early stages of democratic change in the medical industry are happening every day. The only problem with that is: it is set in the health care industry’s minds that change occurring now is not likely. Many U.S. citizens are aware of this and do whatever they can to get what they need, even if it is frowned upon by the government. In my opinion, it is the government’s fault people go with this alternative. After my research, I noticed a trend within the pharmacies. General pharmacies: CVS, Walgreen's, and Rite-Aid generally have the same prices for each medicine. Because Wal-Mart is a much larger company, they can afford to sell medicine for less. Canadian Pharmacies, where healthcare is lower all around, has the lowest price for each medicine. The family...
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