Kogi Tribe

Topics: Earth, World, Universe Pages: 4 (698 words) Published: December 11, 2005
In studying the indigenous Kogi tribe there are many questions that I found compelled to

answer in order to understand these people and their beliefs. I believe it is important that we

understand these peoples authenticity, their understanding of the world, their fears and concerns

about the environment, and if these people are qualified to judge our behavior. Also, I

contemplated why their area as the heart of the world, what their fears are, what their concerns are,

and what the basis of their value system.

What makes these people authentic? After research I found that several factors add to these

peoples authenticity. First of all, their backgrounds show a great deal why they are authentic. Over

500 years ago the Spaniards chased the Kogi our of their native land. They moved to the Sierra

Nevada de Santa Marta, high in the mountains. They live 17,000 feet above sea level on this

pyramid shaped mountain. Also, they displayed their authenticity when they decided to warn us of

the dangers and the destroying of planet earth. They decided to share this to us when they became

concerned, they call us the "Younger Brother". This refers to a reference to mother nature. They

understand their roots also. The Kogi are ancestors of the ancient Tairona Indians.

I also contemplated the fact if they understand the lifestyle of a people who are

industrialized, or if they understand the modern world at all. My research says that like many

indigenous people, their society has changed almost none in the last five hundred years. The focus

of these people is not as much on the body of the individual, but more on the mind of the person.

This is why they purposely divide themselves
from our world. To not allow anyone on their land and

preserve their sacred space and keep as many distractions away from their goals in life. So I think

the answer to the question, do...
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