Koday vs. Fujifilm

Topics: Photographic film, Eastman Kodak, Instant film Pages: 3 (1390 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Kodak and Fujifilm
The Economist had a great article detailing the difference between Kodak’s historic bankruptcy and Fujifilm’s equally remarkable success, in the last Kodak moment, and expanded on in Sharper focus. The two companies have much in common but eventually took different paths when digital photography came around. Kodak had dominated the photo film market for most of the 1900s until competitors like Fuji began taking market share from Kodak in 1984. Kodak ignored the new threats until the late 1990s, relying on their market dominance. The Eastman Kodak Company was founded by John Eastman in 1889. Since then, the company has been providing “imaging technology products and related services to the photographic and graphic communications markets” (Eastman Kodak SWOT Analysis, 2012). The Eastman Kodak Company “focuses only on digital cameras, photographic equipment, films, printers, and other related accessories” (Eastman Kodak SWOT Analysis, 2012). Headquartered in the state of New York, the Eastman Kodak Company has manufacturing and research facilities in several other U.S. states and in countries like Mexico, China, India and Germany. Fujifilm is a publicly traded company founded in 1934 in Tokyo, Japan. This company is “mainly engaged in providing imaging, information, and document solutions” (Fujifilm SWOT Analysis, 2012). The company also supplies the world with “photographic and photocopying equipment”, printers, and “camera and photographic supplies” (Fujifilm SWOT Analysis, 2012). Fujifilm also “operates in the field of medical imaging systems, graphic arts systems, flat panel display materials, recording media and office equipment” (Fujifilm SWOT Analysis, 2012). Kodak built one of the first digital cameras in 1975. In 1979, Kodak executive Larry Matteson predicted how different markets would switch from film to digital, including the mass market of the digital world in 2010. Kodak recognized there was an issue. They failed to do...
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