Kodak Swot Analysis

Topics: Eastman Kodak, Camera, Digital photography Pages: 7 (2427 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Company Overview
Eastman Kodak Company, better known as Kodak, specializes in the production of high quality film and printing products. Found by George Eastman in 1880, Kodak’s success began in 1888, when the company introduced the first simple camera to the consumer market. Kodak would continue to create innovations which revolutionized film and photography. In the late 1800’s Kodak developed the first daylight loading camera and marketed the first film used to make motion pictures. By 1900 the company introduced their famous Brownie Camera. The Brownie camera presented an affordable method for hobbyists and general consumers interested in photography. Additionally, Kodak’s Developing Machine allowed users to process film without a darkroom. Throughout the 20th century, Kodak introduced innovative products which would set industry standards for printing and photography. Some of those products included: The first slide projector, the first digital camera, Instamatic pocket-sized cameras, inkjet digital printers, and one-time use disposable cameras. The company’s immense growth is represented by its various product lines including, but not limited to: Prepress solutions, digital capturing and devices, as well as entertainment and scientific imaging. To organize their product lines, Kodak’s three primary financial segments are their Consumer Digital Imaging Group (CDG), Graphic Communications Group (GCG), and Film, Photofinishing and Entertainment Group (FPEG). Kodak’s CDG's segment focuses on offering the consumer an enhanced experience through their digital printing and imaging technology. The main strategy of this group is to increase revenue by utilizing the company’s respected brand name in conjunction with their materials science intellectual property and wide array of digital imaging products. The company’s GCG segment assists customers in expanding their businesses by offering solutions that enhance the efficiency of production. In turn, creating new opportunities to increase profit margins and provide a higher return on investments. GCG’s ultimate strategy is to use Kodak’s revolutionary technologies to build business. The FPEG segment of Kodak specializes in providing the masses with film and paper products used for imaging and photography. It supplies a large variety of products to everyone from the common consumer to the entertainment industry. FPEG has held a high position in these markets for decades and continues to make a profit even though the demand has declined in recent years. The strategy of FPEG looks to generate more revenue by expanding into new markets which Kodak has yet to tap into. Kodak’s popularity and success skyrocketed throughout the 20th Century, earning their brand name a high reputation. The company’s credibility became so esteemed that every Oscar winning “Best Picture” has been shot using Kodak film. However, in the new millennium Kodak has faced a number of challenges. In an ever-changing digital world, many of Kodak’s once innovative products have lost their value in mainstream society. As a result, Eastman Kodak Co. faced numerous unprofitable years. After running low on cash and being unable to attract investors, Kodak decided it was time to file Chapter 11 and put itself in bankruptcy court. The reorganization of the company might be exactly what Kodak needs to return back to its highly regarded industry leading brand name.

Kodak is one of the leading imaging solutions providers worldwide. Their brand, while softened during their bankruptcy, is still one of the most well known companies around. They have a stronghold on the motion picture industry with regards to the film used in the production of modern day movies. With such a superior product for movie films they continue to gain more market share with longstanding relationships built with the major studios like Warner Brothers and Fox Entertainment Group. Another strength for Kodak...

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