Kodak Strategy

Topics: Digital photography, Digital imaging, Digital image Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: March 22, 2007
Kodak's Resource and Capabilities

For Kodak, identifying its resources and capabilities is critical to redefine its sustainable competitive advantages in this technologically fast-moving field. After almost a century of global leadership in the photographic industry, Kodak is a well-recognized brand name worldwide. This respected brand image will enhance Kodak's ability to introduce new products to consumers especially in a market where technological change creates barriers and uncertainty to them. Within Kodak's massive and worldwide distribution, it enables Kodak to deliver its incremental strategy to consumers by offering through retail stores and photofinishers. However, in a long term perspective, Kodak's unclear focus on digital images and traditional photography retards its development to consumer electronics companies and high-tech upstarts.

In aspect of technology, Kodak's has one of the world's biggest research efforts in imaging. Kodak's expertise in color management posses a strong base in transition from chemical to digital image. Besides, Kodak plays a leading role in image capture stage associated with sensors, image processing, image storage, and image management. Kodak believes that consumers would still want to have print out copies of their photo images. As a result, those traditional capacities are relevant to the new world of digital imaging regardless of the fact that digital imaging replaces most of traditional photography.

Other than Kodak's strengths in its long history of successful new product development, Kodak has been outstanding in its professional market. Most of Kodak's significant innovations in digital photography are associated with such a market. However, in consumer market, Kodak's poor performance to bring up a world-beating product has been considered a key weakness. Regarding to it, Kodak has made some changes in term of its method to develop new products. Effectively applying the Silicon Valley model and...
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