Kodak Case Study

Topics: Camera, Digital single-lens reflex camera, Eastman Kodak Pages: 6 (2422 words) Published: December 10, 2009
From the start, the Eastman Kodak company had many distinct advantages. After the invention of the silver halide photographic film, Kodak had a step ahead of any other company during its time. In 1888 Kodak developed a camera which was portable and George Eastman was able to revolutionize the photography industry. He patented his invention and began a journey on developing more advanced photographic technology toward the future of the company. Kodak had a distinctive competency over its competition because of the operations of its business. This helped lead the Kodak Company toward the continuous growth of their business. During the 1970’s-1980’s Kodak encountered problems with revenue and became aware of competition which was rapidly threatening the survival of their business. Kodak began to realize that drastic changes in the structure of the company and the technology of their products would be vital toward success of the Kodak brand. Kodak began restructuring their company with the help of key people and began another journey toward being the top maker of photographic equipment and accessories. The introduction of digital technology would prove to either break or help the Kodak Company.

The Kodak Company from the beginning understood the importance of having much strength over their competition. They implemented a system of operations that would make the company run efficient and allow the company to save a large amount of money and time. They had four key objectives from the start. The implementation of the mass production of products to allow for low production costs was vital to the early success of the Kodak Company. They had strengths in technology because of the focus on research and development, which allowed them to stay ahead of their competition by offering new unique products to consumers. Another strength that Kodak had was the massive amount of advertising used to get the word out about their advance in products. This allowed for Kodak to gain an advantage in the aspect of Marketing, thus putting them ahead of upcoming rivals. I believe the most important strength that Kodak had, was the extension of the company into the world marketplace. They wanted to make sure that whenever a person thought of taking a picture, they would use their yellow boxes with the word Kodak on the side. This was an excellent marketing tool within itself, because people would see this invention used by other people and would want one of their own. The Kodak company brand became a household name and also helped generate revenue for the company for many years ahead. Even without large amounts of actual advertising on the radio and television, just by having the products all around the world, it proved as a good enough marketing tool. During the 1970’s Kodak had strength in the design of their 35mm cameras, because they were relatively simple to operate compared to the competitor’s 35mm single reflex camera design. During the later part of the 1980’s Kodak took advantage of strengths in both marketing and research and design with the invention and promotion of newly developed battery. Kodak worked with a company called Matsushita to develop batteries for consumers to use. They were able to design a new lithium battery which lasted over six times longer than any conventional battery produced by any competitor at the time. They successfully marketed these batteries for people to use with all of their electronic equipment and were able to get an edge on their competition. They also had a large distinctive competency in information systems. Kodak realized the need for digital products would be arising in the near future and if they could get an early jump on the technology, it would prove beneficial. Kodak began purchasing companies that had experience with digital equipment to stay ahead of their competition. This worked well because it bought them time to improve and perfect the operations of early digital equipment that they...
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