Kodak Business Analysis

Topics: Eastman Kodak, Photographic film, Camera Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Kodak History:

Current CEO is Antonio M. Perez. Originally founded in 1881 as “Eastman Dry Plate Company”. Eastman invented the first cameras suitable for non-expert use. In 1888 the name Kodak was born and the Kodak camera was on the market. In 1892 the company was re-named Eastman Kodak and the name has remained the same. Kodak contributed to the introduction to color motion pictures in 1928 by inventing the film with the capabilities to do so. In 1929 Kodak introduced the first motion picture film with sound. In 1957 The Kodak Brownie Starmatic Cameras were introduced and this was one of the most popular cameras Kodak produced at this time, 7 different versions were invented. In 1968 Columbia, South Carolina was the sole distributor of the polyester fibers and yarn for the product Kodel. 1991 the first digital camera system was introduced to the photography market. In 1992 the company announced a joint R&D project with Canon, Fuji, Minolta and Nikon to develop an Advanced Photographic System. Kodak introduced its first website in 1995, this was just to tell consumers about the company, not to offer any other service via internet.

Company Structure:

Kodak currently has three different market segments which are Consumer Digital Imaging Group (CDG), Graphic Communications Group (GCG), and Film Photo finishing and Entertainment Group (FPEG). CDG include Digital Capture and Devices, Retail Systems Solutions, Consumer Inkjet Systems and Consumer Imaging Services. GCG include Prepress Solutions, Digital Printing Solutions and Business Services and Solutions. FPEG include Entertainment Imaging, Traditional Photofinishing, Industrial Materials and Film Capture. (www.nytimes.com)

SWOT Analysis for FPEG Segment
* Strength: Established name brand, Established technology, adjusted pricing model based on fluctuation of pricing. * Weakness: One time cameras is a waste of money to produce because no one is purchasing these cameras anymore....
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