Kobe V. Michael

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Kobe Bryant v. Michael Jordan
Persuasive Essay
18 March 2013

Kobe Over Michael

A popular subject in the world of basketball and sports at that matter, is whether Kobe Bryant will ever be as good as Michael Jordan. Whenever there is conversation about being the greatest to ever play the game, you hear names like Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Bill Walton, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James and many others. Currently the biggest topic is comparing two similar players such as Kobe and Michael together since they have played the similar position and have had great success in the NBA (National Basketball Association)(Abramson). The trending topic will forever be asked and really never unsettled, but I believe differently. There are many statistics and stories that people may not be fully aware of about these two stars. Not only do I believe that Kobe is better, but I believe he will be the greatest to ever play the game.

These two players are very much so the two greatest to play the game with one franchise and be able to gain so much success by hard work and determination and an aggressive attitude. Bryant and Jordan are so close in comparison to one another that it is actually kind of scary. They did have different career paths, but they are very much the same in how they end up in the league and what accomplishments they have achieved. It has been greatly spoken that Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest to play and the greatest to ever play (Ethan S). Statistics and numbers show otherwise to me.

In high school, Michael was cut from the varsity team his sophomore year, giving him the determination to work harder through the year and the summer to come out and make the varsity squad. Not only did he do so but he went on and had tremendous seasons and went on to play at the University of North Carolina, a school who has had...
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