Knox County-Adult Redeploy Illinois

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Knox County-Adult Redeploy Illinois
Goals and background: Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI) provides financial incentives to local jurisdictions that design evidence-based services to supervise and treat non-violent offenders in the community instead of sending them to state prisons. ARI is based on the premise that local jurisdictions can reduce crime and the costs of the criminal justice system by understanding and addressing the reasons why people commit crimes. Results expected with ARI include reduced prison overcrowding, lowered cost to taxpayers, and an end to the expensive and vicious cycle of crime and incarceration. Start date: March 1, 2011; First enrollment: April 1, 2011 Grant amount: $250,000 Supplemental Funding Requested: (January 2012): $50,000 granted; for $300,000 total Program model: Expanded drug court Need for ARI in Knox County: The high number of individuals on probation in Knox County and subsequent high caseloads indicated the need for an expansion of court services and an increase in the capacity of the Knox County drug court. Prior to ARI funding, the public defender and the probation officer serving the drug court managed mixed caseloads of both drug court and non-drug court participants. ARI funding allows the probation officer and a contract defense attorney to focus solely on the needs of drug court offender. Evidence-based/promising practices in use: LSI-R assessment, cognitive-behavioral therapy, Thinking for a Change curriculum, drug court Target population and reduction goals: Knox County has operated a drug court since 2008. From 2007 to 2009, Knox County committed to IDOC an annual average of 70 offenders who would have been eligible for diversion to a drug court program or other community-based supervision program. Knox County’s 25% reduction goal for the grant period, based on recent commitment levels within the target population, is 16. In February 2012, in exchange for supplemental funding, the reduction goal was increased...
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