Knowledge vs Opinion

Topics: Cognition, Epistemology, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Knowledge vs. Opinion
While reading this story I first believed that there were only opinions. I believed this because no man knows the exact history of our past. There are notes and recorded facts but no one really knows what exactly happened their just giving their opinion on it. For example the story of Jesus Christ no one knows if he was born in a barn, if Mary was really a virgin, these are all just myths formed from someone’s opinion. Myths and opinions are pretty much the same thing, just someone else’s thoughts.

Then as we went on I started to believe that knowledge might overrule opinions. I thought this because something’s in life you just know. For example two plus two equals four, you don’t need an education for this, you could learn it from watching television. Something’s in life everyone in the world knows like Adolf Hitler was a bad man, the moon shows at night and the sun shows during the day. All these things are just common sense. Common sense is knowledge, you need common sense to survive in our world today like knowing to go through the enter door and out the exit.

While reading this story I was a little confused. I was confused because some men think that they are knowledgeable. These men say opinions and think they are showing their knowledge. Knowledge isn’t opinions, knowledge is proven facts that you have learned over time. These men that think their opinion, their own personal thought, is knowledge. These men think this because they clearly aren’t knowledgeable at all. They think their opinion is more knowledgeable than knowledge. In my opinion these men have no knowledge at all.

After thinking about the story a little more I soon went back to thinking opinions were more powerful simply because you can argue them out and come out with a knowledgeable answer. Turning your opinion into knowledge. Making me wonder could your opinions be knowledge? Could you turn an opinion into knowledge? I was thinking you could do this by testing...
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