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Knowledge of Magnetic Separator on History, Function, Selection

By annazhao356 Feb 07, 2012 513 Words
At present, our country magnetic separation machinery manufacturer a lot, to make the product variety, specifications complex, the classification methods are also different. Although various magnetic separation machine has a different program difference, but according to the magnetic YangJiang degree, produce a magnetic field method, structure, choose different role don't, magnetic separation machine into a variety. Magnetic separator machine is use of various minerals than the coefficient of different magnetization, and by the magnetic mechanical force will magnetic mineral and the magnetic mineral separated machinery.

In the 1950 s in China only weak magnetic field magnetic separation machine belt type and tube type electromagnetic magnetic separation machine. Until 1965, just from Sweden Sarah company introduces the cavitation permanent magnet magnetic separation machine, and counterfeit, because it save electricity and magnetic induction high strength, simple structure, low cost, easy operation and maintenance, machine quality is light, cover an area of an area small, processing capacity, so fast in China in application, all replaced the electromagnetic magnetic separation machine. At present, our country magnetite concentrator use wet weak magnetic field intensity magnetic separation machine are permanent magnet tube type magnetic separation machine, using magnetic pulley and magnetic force to take off the cistern, also is the permanent magnet, realized the weak magnetic field of magnetic separation equipment and magnetized. By the 1980 s, permanent magnetic separation machine and get the cavitation fast development, not only the specifications varieties, and to the large-scale development, up to 1500 mm in diameter, tube has reached 4000 mm long, and on the structure and do improvement. At the same time, start to take new high performance materials of rare earth permanent magnet nd-fe-b magnetic materials, improve the magnetic induction strength, improve equipment performance, expanded the scope of application, in recent years, its application to obtain the further promotion, not only use it in manufacturing field magnetic separation machine, and successfully developed several strong magnetic field intensity magnetic separation machine.

The magnetic separation equipment level of technology has advanced international level, some already meets or exceeds international advanced level, in short in the world is advanced. Now in addition to the superconducting magnetic separation equipment, China's development, production of magnetic separation equipment has a leading position in the world.

In selecting a magnetic separation equipment, mainly is based on magnetic minerals and feed size to determine, such as strong magnetic minerals: grain size of 10-360 mm, choose magnetic pulley; Grain size of 6-0 mm, choose permanent magnet type magnetic separation machine; Weak magnetic minerals; Grain size of 7 to 14 mm, selection of roller of strong magnetic separation machine; Grain size in order to 5 mm, but according to ore properties choose ring type, roller type or disc strong magnetic separation machine; Grain size of 0.15 mm, can choose the high gradient magnetic separation machine.

Magnetic separator:

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