Knowledge Management at Accenture

Topics: Knowledge management, Knowledge, Management Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: December 12, 2009
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Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2009
To: Accenture–CEO
Subject: IT Components of Knowledge Management

As you are aware, Accenture Knowledge Management team is getting ready to launch the new Knowledge exchange. Due to the increase in demand for KM, our team is emphasizing on improving our current knowledge management system. But in the past few years, with tough economy, KM is seen as low priority. With pressures to move the KM to offshore, there is 30% decrease in KM workforce. In these economic conditions, it’s my responsibility as KM manager to demonstrate the value for investments made on KM initiatives. The existing KM system with multiple web portals leads to duplication of documents. The whole process is inconsistent, manual and costly to maintain. Now, Accenture made a long-term shift to Microsoft technology and IT tools like emails and internet. The New KM Exchange developed based on Microsoft’s SharePoint Technology, eliminated the decentralized Lotus Notes environment. The below mentioned reasons will positively impact the employees and in turn impacting the organization as a whole. Increase in Employee satisfaction: The New KM system was designed with a centralized web portal called “Accenture portal”, with a single point of entry. The easy to use interface helps the employees to easily communicate and update the content. This also enables the clients of the company to access the information in a faster and easier way. The collaboration platform will help the employees have direct access to peers and get information on their areas of work, participate in discussions and encourage them to share their knowledge. These factors lead to rise in employee satisfaction, in turn increasing employee retention of the organization. Increase in productivity and reduction in costs: The new knowledge exchange saves time of the employees and cost for the organization. Because the new system is automated, less time is spent on...

Bibliography: Prof. Darren Meister, T. D. (2005, October 11). Knowledge Management at Accenture.
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