Knowledge Attitude Skill Assessment Report

Topics: Writing, Nonviolent Communication, Logic Pages: 7 (1464 words) Published: June 19, 2014
Employability Skill Assessment Test
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Personality &
Reasoning Skills

Desired Work

Behavioural Skills

English Language

Total Questions:
Total Questions:

Total Questions:



Attempted: 40

Attempted: 40

Duration: 16:21

Duration: 09:53



Score: 57%

Score: 71%

IT Skills
Total Questions:


Total Questions:


Attempted: 40


Attempted: 30

Duration: 08:12

Attempted: 20

Duration: 10:16


Duration: 08:33


Score: 59%


Score: 76%

Score: 56%

Employability level as desired by most corporates
The Employability Scale is an indicator of your Employability Skills. This scale shows your overall score in the test.





Good! You are rated quite high on the employability scale. You have most of the skills that employers are looking for. Find out more about our Functional English and Employability Skills courses to better your skills. Along with measuring your employability skills, this test also determines your strengths, the areas you are average in and your weaknesses, as an individual. This enables you to further better your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Strengths: Decision Making, Verbal communication, Written communication, Preparing for the presentation, Change Adjustment, Handling and adapting to uncertainty, Discipline, Professionalism, Liveliness, Acceptability towards criticism, Prioritizing work, Achievement Orientation and Pro-activeness. Average at: Logical Reasoning, Team Management, Effective Delegation, Non- verbal communication, Delivery of the presentation, Post presentation conclusion and feedback, Social Boldness, Rapport Building, Maintaining calm and composure, Recovery from disappointment, Planning and Scheduling work, Methodical Approach and

Weaknesses: Verbal Reasoning, Integrity, Hard work and Self - confidence.

Selling acumen
The Selling acumen of the individual is derived from various sales related parameters that were assessed during the test. These parameters are the basic requirement of identifying a person's sales potential and include various character traits including integrity, social interpersonal skills, stress tolerance etc. 73%





Good! You are rated quite high on your selling acumen. You have most of the skills that are required to be a successful salesperson. Find out more about our Functional English and Employability Skills courses to better your skills.

Employability Skills

Communication Skills

Excellent! You have great communication skills. All your communication is effective. You understand the importance of cross-cultural differences. Your written skills are highly commendable. You are able to write in an effective manner using apt language. However, do remember that without understanding the non-verbal aspects all communication is incomplete. You do understand most aspects of communication.

Verbal Reasoning
You have a long way to go in imroving your verbal reasoning skills. Verbal reasoning tests your ability to understand concepts. You must try and read up more about it. You also need to devote time and effort to solving these problems.

Logical Reasoning
Your logical reasoning skills are quite good however there is a lot of scope for improvement. In our daily lives too, when we are faced with problems or just a situation which require a decision, we are often reminded to apply logic and reasoning for the most desired results. Most screening for jobs today is also done through these tests.

Presentation Skills
Your presentation skills are remarkable. However, you try to understand the requirements of your audience. Your presentations are well structured and well designed and a little more...
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