Knowledge and Skills

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Supplemental Statement


Position/Series/Grade: Program Support Assistant, GS-0303-06 Announcement No.: 08-849TT


KSA # 1: Knowledge of medical terminology.

While working at the Atlanta VA Medical Center I developed a tracking database for Fee Basis. During the design phase of the project it became necessary to familiarize myself with medical terminology in order to communicate with staff about data fields that were to be included in the database.

Other duties required me to interact and communicate effetely with doctors and nurses. Understanding medical terminology was essential in order to perform my duties at a high level. These duties and tasks routinely exposed me to medical terminology and health care issues.

KSA # 2: Knowledge of computer software (e.g., VISTA and CPR databases, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) and standard office machines.

In my previous position at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, I designed and implemented a complete marketing expenditures database utilizing Microsoft Access software. This required interviewing[i] pertinent department heads and targeted users to obtain information on desired elements and data fields of the proposed system. In addition, I converted the current records to the automated database. Utilizing the capabilities of the Access database system I performed analyses on the data and designed and produced data tables, queries, Excel pivot tables, reports and charts based on the data.

While at Universal Management, Inc. I initiated a complete new computer system installation and conversion, a reorganization and overhaul of the accounting management systems, and innovative payroll tracking system.

KSA # 3: Skill in coordinating multiple activities, organizational skills and ability to solve problems independently and to prioritize workload.

I have strong organizational skills with the ability to quickly diagnose unproductive processes and...
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