Knowledge and Long Term Effects

Topics: Knowledge, Psychology, Idea Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: October 10, 2013
1. What happened? Report, objectively, what happened as you researched and shared information with your classmates. Without judgment or interpretation, describe the process.

When I shared my project. I notice that most of the student had the same Ideas as I had. About living globally project. I also notice how much work everyone put into this assignment that we had last week. When I researched the topic a lot of things popped up that really help me out do my project way faster.

2. So what? Discuss your feelings and ideas about this experience. Try to give an insightful analysis of this experience. Did you learn anything new? Did anything happen that wasn't expected? What did you learn from your peers? Is there anything that could have happened or been done differently?

I sure did learn something new about living globally through this project. I learn that they are people that want to change the world in a good way. They all have good ideas even me. So what I learned in this assignment is the great mind we all have.

3. Now what? Discuss how you will think or act differently as a result of this new knowledge. Consider the long term effects of this experience and what you learned. Discuss how you can apply what you’ve learned (in this class, in your life).

U can apply this in life in a lot of way. You can get together with people that you know and like pick up trash. You can also try to make a couple laws get approve so they can keep the earth clean too. There are many things you can do in this world to make it better you just have to be creative and with an open mind.

4. Regarding EOC preparation: Reflect specifically on what you learned in Lesson 2 about the EOC that will follow this course. Focus on summarizing what you learned about the content, how this course will prepare you to be successful and, finally, reflect on what you can do to help yourself prepare as you work through the assignments in this course....
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