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Today in history and science there is a lot of different bias that can be seen through everyday life. The question that I am trying to answer is if we can obtain knowledge despite bias and selection in history and science. There are three main types of bias that we can see in today’s world, firstly there is cultural bias which has to do with bias relating to culture, religion and personal practices and then there is confirmation bias which is when someone is trying to prove a point and ignores all evidence which could contradict him. Both these types of bias can be found in history, however also in science there is the second type of bias when a scientist has an hypothesis and does experiments, selecting data which proves his idea. Despite what people say about selection, it is proven that selection helps us cut down all the knowledge that we obtained, otherwise there would be too much to analyze and interpret at the same time. If all the huge amounts of knowledge were to be used there would be too much and it would defer us from the truth.

Both history and science since the beginning of time have contributed to help us a lot to develop both socially, economically and politically. History has taught us about the past and what must not be repeated in the future. Science on the other hand has managed to explain the way the world works and show us new technologies that have helped us for many years. However in both Science and history there will still always be someone that will contradict another person’s point of view. It is for these many reasons that bias and selection are constantly present in our world today. In history there is bias through different interpretations of documents and sourcse and in Science there is selection when a scientist follows one specific method and doesn’t observe the other possible outcomes and doesn’t change variables or materials....
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