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In order to support the demand for new multimedia applications, service providers must be prepared to provision and activate features on the fly, add bandwidth, bill for content, track customer usage, monitor service performance, and ensure revenue capture. In such an environment, having a partner who is a leader in driving next-generation transformation, and who understands the underlying technologies to support on-demand services is critical to success. With a comprehensive portfolio of multivendor services and range of expertise, Alcatel-Lucent can be this partner, helping our customers take a project from concept to reality, beginning with a comprehensive needs assessment, through design, development, and solution verification of service-ready processes and systems for operations and business support functions. Alcatel-Lucent's approach to OSS/BSS services falls under two broad areas: 1. Strategic consulting, termed Service-Oriented Operations (SOO), helps customers define a Future Method of Operation (FMO) for their next generation operations environment, based on key business objectives and assessment of current operations to create a detailed transformation blueprint. Closely aligned with the TMF initiatives in Quantitative benchmarking and taking into consideration the people, processes, platforms and metrics aspects of defining a FMO, SOO helps providers realize bestin-class operations. Some specific consulting services we offer are; Operations Assessment Report, Transformation Business Cases and Operations Roadmaps. 2. The OSS/BSS Transformation (OSS-T) solution leverages our highly skilled team of System Integration Consultants to help customers create and execute a FMO plan to migrate to New Generation Operations System and Software (NGOSS) environments whilst maintaining operational and business continuity through the transition. Given our active partnerships for every domain and sub-domain of the Telemanagement Forum Telecom Operations Model (TOM) mapping, our broad expertise with best-in-class software from leading companies, including ours, we are able to deliver superior results to our customers combining best-of-breed product knowledge with network expertise and systems integration discipline. The scope of delivery activates the following, depending on the customer's requirements:

• Stand-alone end-to-end solutions, focusing on integration of best-of-breed OSS products and systems to provide comprehensive management solutions across one or all of the Fulfillment, Assurance, and Billing domains. • Stand alone solutions around individual component/application (such as performance management, service activation) to be integrated in an existing OSS system. These solutions are provided around both Alcatel-Lucent OSS products as well products from our broad set of strategic partners. • Pre-integrated solutions to automate and improve a coherent domain of OSS or BSS process in support of Alcatel-Lucent network offers across service fulfillment (including order management, inventory management, service activation, pre-integrated into one solution), service and revenue assurance including service quality monitoring, rating, billing, and customer care. Alcatel-Lucent's OSS/BSS service offers are based around Telemanagement Forum TMF NGOSS frameworks and principles, and progressive software techniques, derived from active participation and leadership in TMF for many years. Our PS methodology considers strategic and practical issues necessary to establish effective processes, teams, and systems essential to delivering successful OSS/BSS transformations. This is summarized in the diagram below: SP’s Opportunities for Operations Transformation

Planning: Migration to Next Gen. IP-based network and services gives Service Providers an opportunity to adopt a phased service oriented approach to reforming and re-architecting the operations environment. Execution: Alcatel-Lucent can...
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