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Topics: National Pan-Hellenic Council, Syracuse University, Alpha Phi Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Courtney Clark 
Ms. Jensen 
WRC 1013 OF3 
11 September 2014 
Gamma Phi Beta 
There are many different organizations on campus that students can join to help them get involved and be a part of something that interests them.  Some may choose to get involved with something more athletically oriented, others may choose something that has to do with their major. One of the ones that I find to be very important is the Gamma Phi Beta sorority of the PanHellenic Council. Gamma Phi Beta inspires the highest type of womanhood. However, being a part of any sorority, you will make lifelong friends and maybe even find your future bridesmaids.  Gamma Phi Beta was started in 1897 and their motto is ‘Founded upon a rock’. It was founded November 11, 1894 at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. The four founders are Helen Dodge, Frances Haven, E. Adeline Curtis and Mary Bingham. During the era when the sorority was started, women were discouraged from going to college, so these four women came together to try and fight for their rights. All that being said, there are many different aspects of a sorority such as symbol, philanthropy, values and even an official flower. They abide by core values such as love, labor learning and loyalty. The president of our chapter here at UTSA is Isha Baker and strives for the girls in her sorority to find love and strength in their decision to go greek. Each sorority at UTSA has a philanthropy that they do, Gamma Phi Beta has a national and local philanthropy which consists of CampFire USA, Girl Guides of Canada and Girls on the Run.   Sororities here on campus also host a variety of social events such as mixers, date nights and Greek Week which is a whole week of fun and games where the sororities compete to see who has the best athletic ability. Another fun part of being in a sorority involves when you first join. They have all these events when you first join such as Bid Day, Pledge Night and other events that welcome...
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