Knowing your audience

Topics: Rescue, Chile, American Water Works Association Pages: 4 (913 words) Published: October 5, 2014

Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release
Laurie Tyler
June 16, 2014
Carol Sommers
Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release
On August 5, 2010 thirty-three workers were trapped approximately 300 meters underground with limited food, water, and oxygen due to a Coppermine that collapsed in Chile. It was not known at first if there were any survivors. This story gathered audiences all over the world as media interest came to life when a rescue worker’s drill emerged at the surface with a note attached to it: "The 33 of us are OK in the refuge" (Volk, 2011). Approximately two months after the collapse sealed the mine, a rescue hole was finally completed for the miners. To everyone’s amazement all thirty-three miners were rescued (Yang, 2010). When this tragedy took place, the company had to take care in how the media relied on their findings. The immediate families of the workers need to be notified first, and then the other employees, and then a media publication should be done professionally with truthful and accurate information. No one is prepared for this type of situation. Communication must be handled carefully and thoughtfully especially to the families of the miners and the miners themselves. When a company is communicating with the families, the potential needs will require details about the accident that took place with their relatives while at work (Tennyson & Ray, 2008). They will need to know the exact time and place the incident took place, who is trapped in the mine, and what rescue measures are being taken. They will need to be regularly updated as to the developments of the rescue process. Above all, they will need to be assured that all possible procedures are being taken to ensure that their loved ones are recovered safe and sound. Communication with the employees is going to require concise information and should be done formally. They will need a quick update of the accident that should...

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