Knowing Your Audience

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Knowing your Audience
Knowing the people in your audience can play a big part on the workmanship of your communication with them. I have noticed that just because someone has good communication skills does not mean they will do well when it comes to presentations because of the variety of people they will be talking to. Over all the years that I have been going to seminars for work purposes, I have noticed that all of the presenters have done it differently but they have all been affective. Anyone presenter can improve their presentation skills by giving him or herself time to discover and research their audience before they start their seminar. The presenter should start by knowing who will attend, and what the audience is expecting to get from the presentation, once the presenter has this information they can start preparing for their speech.(Kettenkofen, 2006) Other than rehearsing for your presentation, nothing will improve your skills more than knowing the details about your audience. There are many things to consider when someone is trying to get to know their audience. Some characteristics that I look for are male or female, age of the people, level of education, attitude, expertise of topic, cultural background, and even the geographical location (Kurtus, 2005). The presenter will need to know the percentage of males to females and the average age of his or her audience; this will help them pinpoint the audiences over time. The level of educational background within the audience makes a big difference as well does the expertise of the topic the audience already may know. Knowing if the audience has an educational background will change the way the presenter should talk to them, whether to speak to them as they would a friend or as they would to a professional businessperson. If the people in this audience want to be there at the seminar or it is something required by their employer or their position, can change the attitude and how the...

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