Knowing Your Audiance

Topics: English-language films, Communication, Want Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: September 11, 2011
When communicating with an audience it is very important to know what type of audience you have before you. Wether the audience is young, older, Social economic status also has a say in how you approach the the audience. There are a number of factors to consider, not only the ones mentioned above. When you want to deliver a message to a crowd and you want effective communication, it is very important to take this in consideration in order to have effective listeners. In the Chilean mine collapse case some factors to consider before communicating the incident to the public are the family members of the trapped miners, the mining business itself, other miners from other businesses, copper industry, and the country of chile. What effect will the information have on each element in the way you communicate it. Considering these elements will help ensure the message is received as intended. Some potential needs that the family members may have when receiving the message about the incident are, they want to know how bad the cave-in is, do there love ones have food and water and if not how long can they be with out, do they have space to move, how deep are they, how is the oxygen down there, how did this happen, is my love one the only one down there, are the authorities doing anything to get them out and how long will it take them to dig them out. These concerns among others may arise during this situation and knowing this will help us as the messenger to adjust are message. The other employees of the company also may have potential needs such as, is the company going to close down after this incident and if it is where will they work, are my co-workers alive, how many of them, how did it happen, is it are (company) fault and how much heat will this bring to us, and how long will it take for the rescue. Before you disseminate the information of the trapped miners you must find out what is your intent, what is it you want to accomplish with letting this information...
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