Know vs. Belief

Topics: Love, Evidence, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Calvin Young

Knowledge vs. Belief
To know something is to believe it to be true and at the same time having some type of scientific evidence or facts to back up your belief. There is a thin line between knowing and believing in something to be true. When you say you know something you are implying that it must be true or there is a valid reason that you know it.

To believe in something is very much like actually having the knowledge on the same topic. The two are often confused, misunderstood, and interchanged. The primary difference is that a belief is not evidence based and is more an individually based thought that is believed.

To answer the question about knowing or believing that a significant person in my life love me is difficult to answer. This is not because I don’t have anyone but the topic given. I know that my wife loves me very much. Early on in our relationship it was more of a belief than it was knowledge but as time and situations have moved forward, I know she does. I choose to categorize my thought as knowing as there are reasons that have transpired between us that have given me reason to know this. Love is an emotion and is a way it is a strong belief because not all people can see the emotion or even choose to.

It is hard to establish empirical evidence to prove love. As previously stated, love is an emotion and it seen in the eye of the beholder. I will try my best to explain. An instance when my wife sacrificed getting a new vehicle and temporarily be the primary bread winner while I stopped working when I attained my nursing license proved evidence of her love to me. Other instances are the multiple times that my wife has come home to make dinner for me after we have both worked very long days. Finally, I knew that she loved me when she initially said that she would become my wife and have children with me. While these things cannot be measured by others on the outside looking in these are things that I can see...
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