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Can soups be a healthy snack in Bangladesh??

Can soups be a healthy snack in Bangladesh?
With the winter season coming up Brand Managers at Unilever want to further strengthen Knorr in Bangladesh. But the most important question that remains for them is how they make top end unhealthy evening snackers consume soup instead of the shingara, samosas and burgers of the world. It has been 9 months since Unilever launched Knorr Soups and entered into the savory category. Given the size of the soup industry in Bangladesh, Unilever has placed a lot of emphasis on Chicken Mushroom and Chicken Ginger and the vegetarian variant Tomato. Each pack contains enough soup to serve two people. Knorr was launched with the most important proposition – the

establishing the Knorr brand in the minds of consumers and pave a way for the entry of other product extensions in the future. Soup was launched at a time when a market, although small, was growing consumers at a were rapid pace, where the

experience of real ingredients in its soups. Knorr soups contain real bits of chicken and vegetables that could be both visibly seen as well as tasted during


goodness of soup at their homes and including it as a part of a more regular diet. The market was predominantly run by Nestlé’s Maggi brand which owned almost the complete market. Knorr was launched after extensive

market research into the soup habits of Bangladeshi consumers. A qualitative research was also done on different variants brought in from India and among them those that scored highest on consumer taste buds were launched. The four variants that were launched included Sweet Corn with Chicken,

Knorr was launched with the most important proposition – the experience of real ingredients in its soups.

consumption and that is that


was focused on throughout forms all of

communication. The concept behind launching it as an evening snack

was the lack of a healthy branded evening snack for the top end market. People generally enjoy oily or unhealthy snacks during this time and often it leads to children not wanting to eat dinner later on. The evening time is also is a

culturally important time, as this is the time when the whole family gets

were given an opportunity to consume Knorr soup. This provided a direct engagement consumers. After 9 months Knorr has done well to enter the market and establish itself. Consumers have understood the superior offering that is Knorr in terms of packaging and visibility. Although the price of Knorr during launch was at opportunity with

together to spend time at the end of the day over a snack. Knorr was positioned as the 7pm snack for homes

communicated as the “Knorr happy hour” and communicated to mothers who were exceedingly concerned about their family’s everyday consumption of unhealthy fried snacks. Knorr was launched plan with a to 360°

premium to competition at Tk.35 where Maggi was at Tk.30, it is now at par after competition has increased price. However, the rate of increase in the level of penetration has not been


aggressively enter the market. Teasers were designed focusing on the 7pm time for TV and Radio channels were branded “Knorr Happy Hour” for the 7pm8pm time slot. The Kajol thematic TV commercial was also run which was able to capture the attention of the core target group. Key visuals were used in

Consumers have understood the superior offering that is Knorr in terms of packaging and visibility

what the brand managers expected. Soup was launched in the middle of the peak season (winter) and before the brand could gain the



print media as well as for billboards. Shops were decorated with danglers, buntings and the Knorr soup hanger, displaying all four variants in pockets. In super markets (modern trade) the soup rack was entirely decorated with Knorr branding and Knorr was placed in a visually attractive position....
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