Knitted Cardigan with a Skirt Spring Wear Clothing Slim

Topics: Shirt, Color, White Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: February 10, 2012
In late winter and early spring, the temperature is low. However, the United States and the United States listed spring,Cement making machine the fashion to be an early step to know Oh. Soft knit floral dress Polka Dot dress filled with the breath of spring, when knit cardigan encounter skirt would be spit out what fashion spark? Light blue knitted cardigan with white Polka Dot Chiffon Dress, super sweet and romantic dress, shallow blue charming seductive doll collar skirt even more lovely atmosphere. Coupled with black tights and black high heels, spring to be a delicate beauty.Verdant green knitted cardigan, vintage round neck,Jaw crusher a delicate little white buttons, more soft and gentle temperament, seductive color is fresh and charming. Leggings print dress,Rock crushing plant filled with the romantic atmosphere of spring, filling the lady's temperament. Flounced collar knit cardigan, fresh and lovely flounced shape, so a simple cardigan becomes sweet and cute together, cultivating the plate appears to figure more good. Inside the ride classic floral skirt, layered with more tall.The sweet flavor lace collar long-sleeved cardigan, full of charming sweet flavor, white color interpretation of the pure romantic and elegant taste.China vibrating feeder Slim type of plate, put the body is also very appropriate oh, was thin is better. Leggings Floral America skirt, sweet and refreshing. The stylish classic black knit cardigan, retro sweet cannabis weave pattern,Sand maker giving a sense of playful, cute bubble sleeve design, features, adding to a sense of Yiyi type, the upper body very Ay. Take the white doll collar bottoming shirt, wearing a printed skirt,Jaw breakers very significantly higher.Red knitted cardigan, fresh and charming colors, distributing pure sweet flavor and elegant atmosphere. With a floral skirt, gives a fresh and natural sense of pastoral loose waist design, significantly thin the role can play a very good, very stylish...
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