Knights Tale Essay

Topics: Jousting, A Knight's Tale, Tournament Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: January 7, 2012
Anthony Slaughter

The Knight’s Tale Essay
In the beginning of the movie Will is just a peasant, squire but by the end of the movie, upon finding his newfound talent of jousting, he transformed is his social status from peasant to royalty by becoming a knight. In the beginning of the movie, The Knight’s Tale, William Thatcher and his two friends, Wat and Roland, start off as three ordinary squires. Right before a jousting match their knight that they serve dies; with their knight dead there is no one else of royalty to ride in his place. However, with the threat of forfeiting approaching, William decides to ride in his knight’s place, risking being caught and put to prison or worse. Once Will was done getting ready for the joust, it was time to see what he could do and to the surprise of Will, Wat, and Roland he had won the joust. After winning, they received prize money in which they divided up among themselves. Wat and Roland wanted take their share of money and go to the bar, but Will had other plans. Will convinced them to put all their money together and train him to become a better jouster. Wat and Roland agreed and they began to train Will; after a while of training and practicing Will got it down, yet the one thing he didn’t have was documentation that he was born of royalty, which was the only qualification of becoming a knight. Luckily, one day while traveling they came across a man named Geoffrey Chaucer, he was a writer/scribe who had a gambling problem and because of his problem he had lost his cloths and was completely naked on the road. Chaucer promised to create documentation for Will, if Will clothed, fed, shoed, and let him travel with them. Will agreed and all four of them were off to their first jousting tournament. At Wills first tournament, he competed in joust and in sword fighting. Also at this tournament he saw a beautiful woman who peeked his interest, her name was Joseline. Will jousted first and did very well...
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