Knight Engines - Excalibur Engine Parts

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Knight Engines - Excalibur Engine Parts
Role Information for Knight Engines

The government has recently invited submissions from the private sector for the supply of one thousand V-16Z (Class A) automobile engines. Although these particular engines only have eight cylinders, they can easily duplicate the speed and performance of a sixteen-cylinder engine. Their compact size and durability make them ideal for military operations and it is for this reason that the military has decided to incorporate them into their new line of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's). For reasons that cannot be exposed without jeopardizing national security, the engines must be delivered within 60 days.

Knight Engines Inc., has been involved in the manufacture of a wide variety of engines for nearly five years. Although Knight has managed to turn a healthy profit every year, sales for it's V-16Z engines has been lagging somewhat. It is for this reason that Knight is quite excited by the government's request for V-16Z engines. Knight has dealt with the government before and their established reputation would certainly be a bonus in their favor if per chance another company were to submit an equally low bid. There is, however, one problem: Although Knight does have the capacity to build one thousand V-16Z automobile engines, they do not have the pistons required to make the Class "A" engines. Their regular piston supplier only manufactures inferior "Class C" pistons, which would be unacceptable to the government. Since one thousand engines are to be produced, eight thousand Class "A" pistons are required. If the Class "A" pistons could be acquired within two weeks, the two-month government deadline could be met.

Knight made inquiries at several companies and only one showed any interest in supplying Knight with all the class "A" pistons that it needs on such short notice. The Excalibur Engine Parts Company stated that it would be possible to process such a rush order but...
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