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Management 303
Mid-Term Exam Study Guide
➢ The Mid-Term Exam covers TCOs 1 – 7; chapters 1 – 13 (with the exception of chapter two). ➢ The Mid-Term is worth 140 points.
➢ The Mid-Term exam consists of 6 Multiple-Choice questions, worth 5 points each, five short answer questions worth 10 points each and four essay questions worth 15 points each for a total of 140 points. ➢ Your responses to the Essay Questions should be at least 2-3 paragraphs long.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you understand how to apply each of the concepts and topics noted below. You should be able to go beyond the simple definition of the terms listed in each TCO and explain what each TCO means in a management context. Since the multiple-choice questions for each student’s exam are selected randomly from a large question pool for each TCO, it is vital that you read each text chapter and understand all of the TCO-based concepts that they contain.

The Mid-Term Exam covers TCOs 1 – 7; chapters 1 – 13 (with the exception of chapter two).

TCO 1: Given a description of a specific business enterprise, write a management job description that incorporates the basic activities that comprise the management process and the job of a manager.

o Functions of Management
o Levels of Management
o Managerial Roles
o Managerial Skills

TCO 2: Given a continuous scanning of one's actual and potential environments (internal, external, and interfaces), analyze a case describing a business about to expand or contract in its market by preparing a SWOT document that collectively analyzes the effect of the proposed expansion or contraction on the company's profitability and that recommends a course of action based on your analysis. o External Environment

o Internal Environment
o Organizational Culture

TCO 3: Given a business dilemma with ethical implications, fully analyze all facets of the...
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