Topics: Gender, Renaissance, Gender role Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Kiyana Aldin Aldin 1
Mr. Trotta/ Mr. Connor
World History 1 Honors
F Block
29 October 2013
Christine de Pisan
Christine de Pisan displayed the Renaissance ides of opportunity in her poetry. Epistre au dieu d'amour, published in 1399, openly expressed her dissatisfaction with the way that women were treated in the medieval times. She opposed the way that the women were looked upon causing her to rebel against the traditional role of women as foils for literary and social satire. She was an author of lyrical poetry and other assortments, which provided a feminine point of view on historical, social, and philosophical subjects. This showed that women were just as intellectual as men when it comes to those subjects. This shows opportunity because it is giving the women a chance to be anything they want be depending on the ability and skill not on their gender .back in medieval times women were told all they could do was tend to the children and care for their houses but if you look at it they were never actually given the chance to amount to the greatest person that they could possibly be. Though her pieces of poetry she gave the women of the Renaissance time the courage to be the best that they can possibly be. In Le livre des trois vertus it stated that Pisan defended the right of women to get an equal amount of education so they are able to make good use of their natural abilities. This showed that women are just as equal to men so they should be treated as equally. It also stated that they should receive the same right so thaet are able to succeed as well as all the males in that time period. Lastly, La cité des dames/The Book of the City of Ladies (1405) is significant not only as a rare historical record of the lives of notable women, but for its groundbreaking ability as what some have called the first feminist commentary. This piece of writing exhibited that women are the same politically and socially. Pisan's...

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