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Symbol: The pomegranate tree and the pomegranate are symbolic because in earlier chapters of the book it symbolizes Amir and Hassan's friendship, as they carve their names in it and sit under it. When Amir hits Hassan with the pomegranates and demands that he fight back, Hassan smashes a pomegranate against his own forehead, sacrificing himself again for Amir, but it signifies the end of their friendship as Amir cannot stand the way Hassan sacrifices himself for him and it builds the guilt in Amir. Character: “Still playing soccer, Assef jan?” said baba. He’d always wanted me to be friends with Assef” (Hosseini 101) Baba refers to Assef as jan, it seems that he is proud and honour Assef more than his own son, and he never calls Amir Jan. The only one who does is Rahim Khan Chapter 8:

“Baba have you ever thought about getting new servants?” (Hosseini 95) Amir regrets what he did to Hassan that he did not stood up for him and so everyday he sees him around it reminds him of his guilt and remembers what happened in the rape scene. He asks Baba if he could get a new servant and Baba does not understands why he says that and he gets mad at him. This tells us Baba really cares about Ali and Hassan, he loves them and accepts them even though their Hazara. “You´re a coward!” I said. “Nothing but a goddam coward!” (Hosseini 98) Amir says this because Hassan doesn´t want to throw at him a pomegranate, after Amir has thrown one to him. This is a very important quote from this chapter because I think that he´s saying that to Hassan, but actually saying that to himself because he thinks he´s a coward for not helping Hassan while he was being raped. He feels terrible and guilty for what happened to Hassan because he knows he could have done something and he didn´t do anything to avoid Assef from raping him. “And I’ll tell you this, Amir Jan: In the end, the world always wins. That’s just the way of things” (Hosseini 105) This quote is told by Rahim Khan to Amir...
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