Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

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Part 2


1. Q: When does Amir’s insomnia start?
A: The night he sits up in the room the other men are sleeping in and says out loud “I watched Hassan get raped.”

2. Q: What did Assef get Amir for his birthday?
A: A biography of Hitler

3. Q: When inside the fuel truck, what does Amir picture when Baba says, “think of something good”? A: Him and Hassan in a field, flying a kite.

4. Q: After moving to America, where does Baba start working? A: A gas station

5. Q: When meeting General Taheri, who stands out to Amir? A: The General’s daughter, Soraya, who brings him a cup of coffee.

6. Q: What is Amir’s nickname for Soraya?
A: “My Swap Meet Princess”

7. Q: What happens with Baba’s cold that concerns Amir? A: He starts coughing up blood.


1. Q: Why do you think Hassan didn’t fight Amir back, but crushed a pomegranate on his own head? A: I believe it’s because the loyalty and respect he has for Amir and Baba. I think this because when Hassan says “are you satisfied now?” and walks away, it shows that he isn’t going to do anything, he’s just going to take whatever comes at him until Amir sees fit.

2. Q: Amir expresses the things he was thinking while he stood at the edge of the alley and watched Hassan get raped, what do you think the reason is that he didn’t do anything? A: In fear of getting his face smashed in with Assef’s brass knuckles, or possibly being raped himself, I think Amir was so frozen scared he couldn’t decide what to do, and as the coward he saw himself as, he watches Hassan get raped and pretends he didn’t when Hassan comes back. As well I believe he lets it happen so he can just bring the kite home to his father, and win himself Baba’s love.

3. Q: When Amir asks Baba about getting new servant’s, how do you think Amir feels about Baba’s reaction? A: Because Baba is so outraged, I believe that Amir fears he has just jammed a wedge in the middle of him and...
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