Kite Runner

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CH 6
In this chapter, the writer begins with a single word “winter” (on page 48), it clearly shown that there will be some significant events happen in the winter. Then the writer further introduces the event kite fighting in the next few paragraphs. It also stated that all the boys are passion about it, its not just a game between each pair of kids, it's a battle. On the last paragraph on page 49 the writer used “every winter” to begins, because the writer wants to show that this is one of the biggest that will happen in Kabul, everyone looks forward to it. The story continues by Amir describing how nervous he is from a first person point of view. His father baba also looks forward to the kite-fighting event, because this is the only connection between them. On page 50-51, Amir starts to describe how to prepare for the kite-fighting tournament, but soon amir and Hassan realize that the kite they made is not good enough for the tournament, so baba started taking them to Saifo’s to buy their kites, but when Amir his son ask for a big kite, baba will also buy Hassan a big kite. That’s not normal, because father will usually treat his own son better than other people. On page 51, the last sentence of the first paragraph “sometimes I wished he wouldn't do that. Wished he’d let me be the favorite” we can see that Amir wants to be more special than other people. The next paragraph is about how does kite running is as important as kite fighting, because it's an honor to get the final kite in the winter tournament. The writer introduces Hassan as the best kite-runner in the country and also the assistant for Amir during the kite fighting. This also reflected on the master-servant relationship between amir and Hassan. One winter day, Hassan and Amir run a kite. Hassan is a better kite runner than Amir, he is faster, more athletic and Amir struggles to keep up. Hassan runs away from the kite that's just been cut. Amir just follows, and they rest on a field by a middle school. Amir doesn't believe the kite is going land anywhere near where Hassan has led them, so amir asked Hassan would he ever lie to him, Hassan answered no. This shows the loyalty of Hassan. The writer further writes about how loyal is Hassan to amir on page 54. On page 55, the fourth paragraph begins with the sentence “ In the winter of 1975” it's a different font from the rest of the text, because the writer want to highlight this year in the book. Four days before the kite-fighting tournament, Baba casually tells Amir he thinks Amir is going to win this year. Amir starts to imagine all the wonderful things he and Baba will do together and how the two of them will grow closer. Since baba believes that Amir will win the tournament, therefore Amir really wants to win this tournament and to let his father to be proud of him. This chapter ends with Hassan and Amir playing cards the night before the tournament. Then they talk about televisions, and how Amir will buy Hassan a television some day. Hassan thinks Amir will win the tournament the next day. Amir wins the card game but has the distinct feeling Hassan let him win.

Chapter nine begins on the day after Amir's birthday party. Amir is going through all of his presents but he is not interest in them. On page 101 He clearly states that " he didn't want any of it - it was all blood money; Baba would have never give him a party like that if he hadn't won the tournament." Through this statement Amir is letting his guilt show. However he is still unable to admit to anyone the horrible event that he allowed to happen. Finally he comes to a conclusion on page 102, "Either way, this much had become clear: One of us had to go." It's the only way to make him feel less guilt. He tries to pretend that hassan leaving will benefit both of them. However the truth is that if he really wanted to help Hassan he would have told someone about what he had seen. Deep down inside Amir realizes what he truly is though....
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