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Kitchen Facilities
General requirements for food rooms

What the law says Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 states that food premises must be of a suitable layout, design, construction and size for the following reasons. a b To allow adequate cleaning and disinfection. To prevent the accumulation of dirt, contact with toxic materials, particles shedding into food, and condensation or undesirable mould forming on surfaces. To allow good food hygiene practices. This includes protection against crosscontamination by food, equipment, materials, people and pests. Provide, where necessary, suitable temperature conditions for the hygienic processing and storage of products.



The regulations also say you must have the following. An adequate number of wash basins which are suitably located and used only for cleaning hands. These must have hot and cold (or mixed) running water, soap and means of hand drying. Toilets that do not lead directly into food rooms. Where necessary, separate sinks for washing food. Suitable ventilation. Adequate lighting. Adequate drainage facilities. Adequate facilities for staff to change their clothes, where necessary.


Specific requirements for food rooms What the law says In addition to the general requirements, for areas where food is prepared, treated or processed (excluding dining areas), the following must also be provided. a Floor surfaces must be maintained in a good condition, and be easy to clean and disinfect. Adequate drainage must be provided where appropriate.

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All surfaces must be in a good condition, and be easy to clean and disinfect. Ceilings and overhead fixtures must be designed, built and finished to prevent the accumulation of dirt, and reduce condensation, mould growth and the shedding of particles. Windows and other openings must be designed to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Insect proof screens must be provided to windows and doors where necessary. Doors must be easy to clean and disinfect....
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