Kit Carson

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Richel Tapia

21 July 2013

Kit Carson

New Mexico History

Down in New Mexico, Kit Carson is known for a lot of things. For example, he is known for having a very eventful life. His history of his life is just one big adventure, even before he became a legend. He’s known for being a trapper and a guide. He is also known for being an Indian Agent and a soldier. As he grew older while on his big adventure, he was getting tired and just want to go home to his wife.

Kit Carson’s name is actually Christopher Carson. He was born in Madison County, Kentucky, on Christmas Eve of 1809. It is told that his father, Lindsey Carson, fought in the American Revolution, which was from 1775-1783, a war which the American colonies fought to win their independence from Great Britain (“Kit Carson Biography”). He married Rebecca Robinson in 1796. Kit was the ninth of fourteen children and his family soon settled in Howard County, Missouri a little after he was born. Then when Kit was around nine years old, his father was killed in a tragic accident (“Kit Carson Biography”). Guessing because of his father’s death, Kit did his best to help take care of his family. This prevented Kit from ever receiving an education. It is doubtful that he received much of a formal education because he remained nearly illiterate, or unable to read and write, his entire life (“Kit Carson Biography”). At the age of fourteen he was working as an apprentice to a saddle and harness maker. However, he soon became restless and after about a year or two he joined a wagon train heading west on which is known as the Santa Fe Train in 1826 (Weiser).

From Santa Fe, Kit went north to Taos, New Mexico where he worked doing many things. From around 1828 and 1840, Carson used Taos as a base camp for many fur-trapping expeditions throughout the mountains of the West, from California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Rocky Mountains (Weiser). Carson learned the ins and outs of trapping. He became...

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